Dapcor was established in 1974 with the goal to become the leading construction industry provider committed to ‘quality, reliability and expertise’.

These three words became the mantra the Dapcor team still lives by. They are the foundations of a organisation that provides the market with a reliable partner for the future. And they have underpinned our successful delivery of over 5,000 projects.

Achievements like these aren’t the result of one individual’s efforts. At Dapcor, we’ve built a team comprising experienced construction professionals with a variety of technical and educational backgrounds, including skilled trades, engineers and project managers.

It means that as a head contractor we can always find the best quality people in the market to satisfy all aspects of our customers’ building projects, maintain our competitiveness and meet budget expectations.

At Dapcor, we excel in challenging construction projects. Operating in a live environment is where we feel most comfortable. And while our belief in quality, reliability and expertise never changes, the technology we utilise and value-added services we provide move with the times, ensuring we remain a leading construction provider in New South Wales with an expanding base in Queensland and throughout Australia.

Our values

Our Leadership Team

Dapcor’s success is a direct result of the success of our people. Our culture is based on inclusiveness and collaboration throughout our talented team of project managers, engineers, building professionals and highly skilled on-site personal.

Our Community

There’s nothing more important to us than the wellbeing of our people. That’s why we aim to create a positive, collaborative and sustainable workplace. We believe that to achieve true sustainability, we must genuinely nurture our people to help them deliver exceptional results.

We recognise that our people set us apart and truly drive our success. Respect is one of our core values, and we strive to demonstrate it in everything we do – beginning with valuing all our people for their unique qualities, experiences, ideas and perspectives.

We have a team of dedicated champions who lead the wider business to meet our progressive objectives on diversity and inclusion. We ensure that every employee not only has a voice, but also is heard.

Our entire management team is committed to provide an engaging, exciting and flexible environment, where differences are embraced and celebrated, and everyone feels included, supported and inspired to achieve their absolute best. Ongoing training and development programs keep our staff skills at the forefront of industry best practice, essential to successful project outcomes.

Dapcor Group Structure

Established in 1974, the Dapcor Group is a construction industry specialist which provides a network of complementary services and products throughout Australia.

Dapcor Corporate Structure

Our Systems

At Dapcor we’re proud of the services we provide. We understand the importance of getting the job done and getting it done right. Reliability is an important value for us, and being in the business of asset protection, we have developed systems which clients can rely on for seamless project delivery.

Quality Assurance

The varied nature of our work often requires a wide variety of flexible delivery methods. Each project offers unique complexities, programming constraints, budgeting pressures and funding requirements.

Quality assurance in this environment is not a matter of chance. We are acutely aware of our regulatory and legislative responsibilities and take these very seriously. We strive to uphold the highest industry standards and take pride in our certifications and the sophisticated procurement services we have developed.

Cloud Based

The size and scale of the group give us the flexibility, resources and financial strength to successfully partner with clients on major and minor projects to deliver integrated, high quality service.

Our management systems are cloud-based and interact with all stakeholders communicating ongoing construction documentation. These systems are embedded in our culture and applied across all our operating divisions.

Memberships and Associations