Wet & Dry Fire Systems

Keeping your property safe is of the highest priority. Fire detection and alarm systems are critical safety tools in buildings. Wet and dry fire systems require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they functioning properly in the event of a fire. Dapcor can help your building remain both compliant to safety codes and prepared, ensuring your tenants safety is maintained. 

Wet Fire Systems

Fire sprinkler, hydrant and hose reel systems | Gas and foam suppression systems | Deluge fire systems | Protection system audit and compliance

Dry Fire Systems

Fire and smoke hazard detection and warning systems | Portable fire extinguishers and blankets | Smoke Detection, alarm systems and intercom systems | Protection system audit and compliance

Fire Orders & BCA Noncompliance

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets the minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings, including fire safety measures. If your building was constructed prior to the current standard, or if there are non-compliant changes have been made, then there may be risk to your building and occupants. Dapcor are your expert partners to help you stay compliant. We offer the expertise and experience to help you avoid significant financial penalties, including:

Fire safety audits | Development of fire safety management plans | BuildingUpgrades and / or modifications to meet safety standards

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